2 Jun

Enjoy your life
Take a deep breath and relax
Let go of all the struggle

Enjoy your love
With all of its moods, desires and wishes
Just never believe that you have too much

Enjoy your nature
Whether wild, calm, sensitive or bold
You complete the puzzle

Enjoy your time
Whether you’re old or young
Every moment is there for you to enjoy

Enjoy your mind
It will probably fool you many times
Realize it’s just a magical display

Enjoy your home
You are here right now
Exactly where you need to be

The Muse

31 May

The muse inside the heart whispers to my mind
What first sounded irrational turns out to be true
While I connect with the source of wisdom
The muse’s voice gains strength and talks aloud:

“See the truth which lives in your heart and outside in the world.
There is no distance between you and the world.
If you follow the heart, you will speak the truth.
If you understand the heart, you will recognize the mind.
If you love from the heart, compassion will flow unconditionally.”

It is not my muse who speaks

Where the muse lives, I cannot enter

Only by letting go of myself can she speak

The great heart of life is her name


24 May

Puzzle pieces found
What was hidden deep inside
Is made obvious


14 Apr

Vulnerability strikes at the heart
Uncovering our very insecurities
Touching the essence of our being
Pointing to the persistent belief
No matter what we do or achieve
We’ll never be good enough
Once realized this is only a choice
We’re finally free to rejoice
Opening up to a fresh reality
Seeing that our true value lies within
No longer clinging to peoples judgments
Ignoring the self destructive thoughts
Going inward into our hidden core
Choosing to embrace our vulnerability
A new light of insight shines in our way
We’ve always been good enough
Ever since our very first day

On things

30 Mar

Nothing external can satisfy me
All are but extensions of myself
Everything is already included in the experience of being
Due to not understanding this process
I created a shell to guard me from the outside
But in the end it held me prison on the inside
Now seeing through my grasping and craving
I see the illusion of trying to be a self
Wholeness comes before all this

His Eminence the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche

2 Mar

His name of birth is Jigme Losel Wanpo. His Eminence the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche, Jigme Losel Wangpo, is one of the highest lamas in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He is the head of Dzogchen Monastery, one of the six major Nyingma monasteries, and the authentic holder of the Dzogchen lineage, the renowned Great Perfection or Great Completion teachings. With his totally natural, relaxed dignity, His Eminence is the embodiment of Dzogpachenpo, the fully awakened mind.

His Eminence was born in Sikkim in 1964 and recognised at an early age as the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche by His Holiness the 4th Dodrupchen Rinpoche, Thupten Trinley Palzang. This was confirmed straightaway by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso. Significantly, there was a very close link between the 1st Dzogchen Rinpoche and the 5th Dalai Lama. This close connection has been maintained to this day.

I feel fortunate that i’ve meet this great teacher from Tibet, now 2,5 years ago. I was going through a difficult phase in my life in which i had just come to terms with a traumatic life event in the past. I had a hard time controlling my emotions and could hardly deal with the stress which came with it. But amidst all of this i saw a poster announcing a lecture from this famous Tibetan lama. And as i came into contact with one of the local Sangha’s of Rinpoche, i got the opportunity to practice myself. It was weird at first, because i had no background in any religion practice in the past. So i really had to get used to the rituals and see beyond the symbolism, to grasp the true meaning of the rituals. It didn’t make sense to my western oriented mind to chant mantras. But it did have its results. These little encouragements helped me to integrate the lectures more and more and bring them into practice. My life started to settle more and more and i became less affected by all the emotional upheaval which had haunted me for months.

And so now i am part of an international Sangha, supported by a gifted and kind teacher. I could never grasp what i was searching for in the past. Religious and spiritual books had been my helpers for years when i was studying at the university. But i continued to reach for new teachings, new teachers and new books. My mind was never fully satisfied or pleased with what it could find in ancient and modern wisdom text. But when on a retreat last year, i could feel the real meaning living and breathing behind the texts. Here, right in front of my camera – as i was asked to photograph the retreat, which felt like a true honor – sat a realized master, smiling and teaching. No ordinary being and yet he lets you feel close as a friend. That first morning session the first day of the retreat.. wow.. I was afraid to take pictures, and yet i could not resist taking pictures of my teacher. So in the end, after what lasted for 1 hour and 20 minutes but felt like a blissful day-long gift, i had only taken pictures of the teacher. And i was overwhelmed with it all. Something had pierced through all my thick layers of defense and showed me who i truly was. Blissful clarification, moment after moment and yet continuous.

All i was searching for, was a teacher, a genuine one who had crossed the ocean of suffering and had reached the other shore safely. I could never fully live with the idea of God, though i must admit that i do feel attracted to the idea sometimes. But due to personal experiences, i know that what i see and view as outside, is more like an outside-inside. All is interdependent, so this outer world is not so alien as it seems. It operates by the same laws as i operate. And so in Dzogchen Rinpoche i found the teacher i was looking for; one who could explain some of my life experiences and who could help me to take my first few baby steps on the path towards enlightenment. For that i am thankful. After the retreat i experienced compassion and love and respect for my teacher. This was something i have never felt before for any other being, not with this intensity and clarity. From that day i looked differently upon my parents. I see them more as human now, and less like the gods they used to be for me. And so i stepped up and join them on the human level. And so this journey so far has made me realize that for me it´s all about growing up and integrating the past into the present. By bringing into presence old traumatized parts in my system, i become more conscious of how my mind works and how something which had helped me to survive in the past, turned into a blockage. It soften the grip my inner judge had on me and i can now be more peaceful and loving and compassionate to myself.

Dzogchen is a very practical way of dealing with life. It is at the same time alien and familiar to me. Alien, because everything i was taught could not prepare me for what i would encounter; Familiar, because it feels like coming home again to the original ground of being, which had been so familiar when i was younger.

For those of you who are interested in Dzogchen Rinpoche, i can tell you that His Eminence will visit Europe this spring and summer. For a full program, check out this website:

Realizing the fault in my thoughts

18 Dec

I’ve been studying Buddhism for quite some time now, but before that i was very much interested in the ideas of Ramana Maharshi. Ramana Maharshi was a famous Advaita Vedanta sage. In the Vedanta it is said that this worldly existence is an illusion and that there is only the One divine reality.  I never quite understood the difference between Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, but i somehow felt that finding the divine I Am inside didn´t solve the puzzle. Or at least that´s how i see it now.

I now realize that i was still looking for an ultimate ground of being. In Buddhism there is no such thing as an ultimate eternally existing reality. Everything arises interdependently. And also it says that our worldly existence is like an illusion, whereas i have thought for a long time that this worldly existence is an illusion. So i was mixing up Vedanta and Buddhist teachings, no wonder i got confused.

Luckily i remembered a text i once found on the internet which helped me to understand the difference between the two schools of thought. I have to study it more and i can start by accepting the interdependent arising of the world, not as something external, but neither as something illusory. This may take some time, but by reading the article i can clarify it more and more. If you´re interested, here is the link:


Brothers of Compassion

2 Dec

Two brothers came into my life not long ago
When i was suffering from the lack of life’s flow
Their compassion unconditional for everything i did
They saw the whole of me where i only saw the split

These two brothers are still with me today
Assisting me and motivating me on the way
Their wisdom comes from silence deep within
Which is lived by uncompromising giving

Though we differ in shape, form and size
As to our mutual love i will not compromise
As they taught me to not see them separated
I know they are a special team perfectly integrated

Let me introduce them to you:

The Trickster

9 Nov

The Trickster

Oblivious of the prison walls
Insecure and alone
Haunting visions visit
Deep darkness awaits

Thoughts trouble the mind
Floating by continiously
Demanding attention
Absorbing the energy

Sound reaches crescendo
Strange words reach out
Dark clouds cover the land
Full of endless sorrow

The Trickster tricked

Light shines within
A tiny spark holds the key
Doors of perceptions await
Guiding the mystical future

Knowledge from ancient sources
Pathway to higher realms
Inner wisdom revelation
Shades cast away

Truth unfolds itself

Hope arises in the heart
Trusting in letting go
Love offers peace
Creating new existence

Glimpses of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

4 Nov

One of the greatest Tibetan masters of the last century, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche has inspired many around the globe. With unwavering compassion and dedication he preserved many teachings and shared them. A remarkable master, who passed away in 1991. His incarnation is Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche. For more information on the work and teachings of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, visit the Dilgo Khyentse Fellowship: http://shop1338.hiwinner.hinet.net/ec99/shop1338/English/index-2.html

Below is a video on the life of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche